Until today, I had two websites; This site, and an additional site I used to host my games. (games made in Unity as well as PuzzleScript games) Today I had the harsh realization that (some) hosting renewal costs are much higher than the initial year subscription cost. So I have decided to remove zachdgames from … Continue reading RIP


zPDF – Update #0

This is something that I have been meaning to do for a while. With my newfound love for Dungeons and Dragons, I have been collecting lots of D&D related content, most of it in the form of PDF files. I have been wanting to create a way to organize all of my PDFs, while keeping … Continue reading zPDF – Update #0


I have some big plans for 2019, many of which will be reflected and documented on this website. Continue working on zGamesContinue working on zRPGCreate new Puzzle Script gamesCreate PDF organizer app (zPDF)Create password tracker app (zPW)Create Dinner Suggester / Recipe Organizer app (zEAT)Create D&D Dungeon Master Studio app (zD&D)D&D Campaign Diary Some other things … Continue reading 2019

zGames – Update #3

Version 1.0.9. Changes in this Update Xbox One: If you are perceptive, you may have noticed the featured image of this post does not contain an 'Android' option, and now contains an 'Xbox One' option. I recently picked up an Xbox One and decided to replace the Android button with it. Instead of adding a … Continue reading zGames – Update #3